Are transports/shipments automatically insured ad valorem?
No, they will not. If you require insurance, we can create a quote for you at any time.
What does Kunsttrans need to know in order to tell me if a shipment is possible and how much it will cost?
In order to provide an estimate we require amount and size, and possibly weight of objects and accurate pick-up and delivery addresses. It is of equal importance that we know the time frame of the pick-up and delivery!
What is direct shipment?
Direct shipment means that your works of art are transported by a truck exclusively reserved for your objects. In addition, couriers may accompany the works of art on board. Depending on the length and distance of the shipment there is also the possibility to park the truck at a secure site of one of our partners overnight. The transport is carried out according to your schedule.
What is additional cargo?
Additional cargo means that your works of art are transported together with others in the same truck. Several loading and unloading are possible. The period of time from pick-up to delivery can be up to 15 working days. The advantage of additional cargo compared to direct shipment is a much lower price.
Can Kunsttrans pack?
Yes, of course. The packaging of works of art is one of our core competences and services. From lightweight packaging to optimized transport crates each option is possible.